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day business”

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“he is one of the most brilliant and humble men I think I have ever observed”

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“This book serves as an action plan for any entrepreneur who dares to seize the future and build a business from the ground up.”

Bonnie R. Chavez

Professor, Business Administration, Department Chair: Business Administration, Real Estate & Entrepreneurship at Santa Barbara City College (#1 in the Nation)

“There’s something in this book for everyone…rich in content and entertaining at the same time.”

Gerhard Apfelthaler, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Management at California Lutheran University
Professor of International Business
Entrepreneur and Business Author

“I am convinced it is the most practical advice for an aspiring entrepreneur I’ve come across.”

Clinton E. Day, M.B.A.

Entrepreneurship Professor, State College of Florida

“…valuable to anyone starting a business because of the wealth of information packaged so tightly in wonderful story-laden prose.”

Melissa V. Moreno, J.D.

Dean, Education Programs—Business
and former Director for the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Santa Barbara City College (#1 in the Nation)

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“Jack Nadel is my favorite small business champion—practical, gracious, and generous in every way. This book bottles the very best of Jack’s wisdom, experience, and astounding success into nuggets you can apply immediately for noticeable results.

Tory Johnson

Good Morning America contributor, founder of Spark & Hustle and Women For Hire, New York Times best-selling author, and contributing editor to SUCCESS magazine

“A role model for how to run a business and be successful, Jack Nadel understands that it’s more than cost-cutting, high-pressure tactics and the art of the steal. His life experience informs his decision making–he knows that without integrity, nothing else matters.”

Jim Lichtman

Huffington Post Contributor, business ethics specialist, and author of What Do You Stand For?

“Jack Nadel takes you takes you back through the years and lets you feel what it was like to grow a business with him. You’ll share his fears, his dreams, and the clever strategies that helped him succeed. You will experience the evolution of an entrepreneur!”

Jim Cathcart

Best-selling author of Relationship Selling, member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, and founder of cathcart.com

“The Evolution of an Entrepreneur inspires, educates, and excites. Both newbies and old-timers will find plenty to enjoy, learn from, and mull over in this fine contribution to business literature.”

Barbara Greenleaf

Author, former writer for The New York Times