The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

featuring 50 of My Best Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Business

Winner of 5 Global Ebook Awards Including 3 Gold Awards for BEST in Business, Leadership and Careers/Employment!

Jack Nadel has spent over six decades as a highly successful global entrepreneur and he willingly shares what he’s discovered. He has developed a set of principles that literally anyone can utilize, whether they are just starting a business or are a seasoned entrepreneur.

The Evolution of an Entrepreneur provides clear practical strategies and brilliant insights gained over years in the trenches. They are brought to life through a wealth of engaging anecdotes distilled from thousands of fascinating, real transactions.

Among the many areas Nadel covers here are:

  • The power of targeted thinking in evolving entrepreneurs
  • How relationship building is a cornerstone of your perpetual success
  • The Nadel Method,” a 5-point system that keeps you moving and evolving
  • Why sound, honest and ethical principles withstand the test of time and continually produce profits.

Nadel shares all these and more, plus his 50 best tips for business success.

No matter the market, no matter the time, this book will guide you to prosperity.